Week 26-ish: Bonus / Spring Cleaning

Quick odds and ends

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I’m running on fumes tonight so consider this a little interlude and I’ll try to send a bonus email tomorrow or the next day. In the meantime, a few things:

  • Seriously, have you watched One Day at a Time yet? I really don’t want Netflix to cancel this huge-hearted show. Last year in a Vanity Fair interview Rita Moreno herself called the cast’s chemistry “astonishing” and said that Justina Machado, who plays her daughter on the show, is the best acting partner she’s ever had. Rita Moreno said that. She has been in the business for 70 years.

  • If you like these emails, will you consider forwarding one (maybe not this short one 😬) to a friend and encouraging them to sign up at julia.substack.com? Here’s the deal: I don’t love promoting myself. When I write some of them — like last week’s — I sometimes even skip my standard “here’s how to subscribe” note at the bottom because it feels like I’m capitalizing on painful things. But I also know that growing the list is to my and our collective advantage, especially if you’d like to see me keep producing some kind of content after these 35 weeks wrap up. When my pals and I applied for a podcasting fellowship awhile back, one of the application questions was “what online platforms and social media spaces are you on and how many followers do you have on each?" Spoiler: the Move and Groove email list is not huge — but it is incredibly engaged. A really high percentage of you actually open and read this thing and click some of the links I put together. THANK YOU! When we reapply for the fellowship (did you like that “when we reapply,” not “if we reapply”?) it would be amazing to point not just to that engagement but some growth in list size. And that’s where your loving endorsements and referrals mean so much.

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  • Along those lines: a friend recently let me know that these emails are getting filtered to the “Promotions” tab in Gmail, probably because they’re so long and crammed full of links. I am totally that person who skims and promptly ignores the “Please add me to your address book” requests from people and organizations I care about. But I also really don’t want Gmail to start thinking that these emails are spam. So if you have a minute, it would be so helpful if you’d either add this return address to your address book, and/or click and drag my message from the Promotions tab into Primary.

  • After you watch One Day at a Time, this AV Club interview with showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett is a fun way to re-live some of the most powerful moments of season 3.

  • Sweet treats to thank you for reading all of this: my favorite granola to make and gift, plus a delicious banana bread, neither of which pretend to be healthy (both via Orangette).

Did a friend send you this email? The deal is: I’m sending one email a week for 35 weeks, and wthis week is a little unusual. But if you trust that friend, you can subscribe at julia.substack.com.