Week 31: Shake the foundations

Hey, all. This was Day 9 of my latest full-time parenting streak (Crush’s amazing nanny is out of town) so tonight’s installment is link-heavy. Hope you’re taking good care this week.

Calendar by Nikki McClure, pic first shared on Instagram, and yes, I finally remembered to flip from March to April.

What comes next?

Thirty-one weeks! Thirty-one weeks is almost 2/3 of a year. It’s almost a pregnancy. For those who are wondering what’s been, er, gestating and if I plan to retire the newsletter after I reach my initial 35 week goal, I think the answers are:

  • I’ll take a break from writing these lengthy Wednesday night emails.

  • I’ll still write to you via this list from time to time to share news about what I’m up to, snippets of writing, and links I think are worth sitting with or acting upon.

  • I’ll finally finish my long-simmering, under-construction “professional” website, which I’ll link here once I at least make all of the font sizes consistent across each page.

  • I’ll keep posting to Instagram (@juliaseesmith).

  • I’m cooking up a fun new project with my fab writer friend Joanna Eng. More to come on that soon.

In the meantime, we’ve got four weeks after this one. How much spring do you think will have sprung in the meantime? Can you spot the first two tiny crocuses below? (And I don’t want to hear one gloating word, DC-based readers. Your cherry blossom porn is clogging my feed and making me jealous.)

Chicago links

I’m still processing the Chicago’s runoff election results from Tuesday night.

Wider World Links

  • “It’s enough to shake the foundations of our country.” If you haven’t been paying attention to the Lucy Flores/Joe Biden story, take a quick listen to this < 6 minute All Things Considered interview (npr.org) and then read this piece by Nelini Stamp What Lucy Flores Can Teach Us About How We Value Women’s Feelings (Glamour, spotted via Charlene Carruthers):

    Make no mistake. We understand this is an enormous task. We are asking men to consciously change how they move through the world, how they hold their bodies, how they interact with others.

    But understand too that women already spend our entire lives fully conscious of our bodies, how we move through space and how we interact with others. We are constantly questioning our movements, recalibrating our posture, shifting our size and our presence based on who we are around and how they might feel. We are hyperaware of our physicality and the space around us.

    Men, now it’s your turn.

‘Night! / ‘Morning, to those of you reading this tomorrow!

Respectfully, I decline your notes*,


*Buzzfeed News via Ericka Hines on FB, and no, I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in years, and yes, the clip in this piece did make me bawl.

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