Week 33: We hold these truths

I can almost be certain.

Hello. It’s the third Wednesday in April.

One year ago today we were summoned to The Staff Meeting That Changed Everything. Except it didn’t change everything, you know? It uncovered things, it revealed things, it set changes into motion.

It pushed us to examine our relationships to our jobs, teams, space, and resources. (See also: Your Workplace Isn’t Your Family. And That’s OK!, NYT, August 2018.)

It forced us to directly acknowledge power and privilege.

It reminded us to trust people, not institutions. (See also: After Allegations Of Toxic Culture, Southern Poverty Law Center Tries To Move Forward, NPR this morning, via my friend Cara; In the latest sign things really are dire, BuzzFeed is laying off 15 percent of its staff, Neiman Lab, January 2019.)

I can almost be certain I would not be writing this email if it weren’t for last April.

I’m glad I’m here. I’m glad you’re here.

Photo from Lakeview, today, for my 100 Day Project on Instagram. The mural reflected is “Lake View” by Anthony Lewellen.

You didn’t cancel me!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read last week’s email, and especially to those who wrote back. I’m thinking about including some of the responses in next week’s edition — I thought about it today, but decided to let the topic breathe a little.

We hold these truths

If you know me personally, it’s likely you also know the legendary Kira Wisniewski (here she is on Instagram with her bunny Billie Jean), whom I first met more than a decade ago when she pulled a ragtag group of folks together to create 826DC.

Her latest project, Self Evident, is one I’ve mentioned here before, but I’m bumping it again because a) hey - I want my kid (and myself) to grow up nestled in a rich tapestry of stories by, for, and about Asian America, and b) tomorrow’s the deadline for their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

I know it might sound dubious to say “if you have $1, please give, no donation is too small!” But they really need to reach 1000+ backers for this campaign in order to help show funders and radio networks (think NPR, American Public Media, PRX) that audiences want to hear these stories on a national level. They’re at 802 backers right now with 28 hours left, so this is totally doable if we rally. Go here to donate. Thanks for considering this!

While your wallet’s out

Two other worthy places to direct funds, if you have them:

Read more here (The Daily Advertiser, via Kelly Hayes).

And Mari Copeny, aka Little Miss Flint, has one week left to reach her GoFundMe goal and provide water to her neighbors:

On April 6th 2018, Governor Rick Snyder announced the end of a free bottled water program in Flint, claiming the water quality has been restored.  That is not the case, today thousands of Flint residents remain without clean water. Pipe replacement is still ongoing and should be "completed" by the end of the year but it will take longer for Flint residents to trust the water since we were lied to for almost 2 years.

For each dollar raised, we will be able to provide 11 bottles of water for Flint Residents.


This newsletter is really lacking in Beyoncé content.

I haven’t watched it yet. I know.

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